Free Drupal for Absolute Beginners Course by Udemy

Avail the offer in next three days.

Udemy is offering free 'Drupal for Absolute Beginners' Course for the next three days. All you need is a computer running Windows, Mac OS X or Linux and you should be able to install softwares. The course is best suited for anyone wishing to learn Drupal, anyone who want to become a Drupal expert or Website Developer, anyone who want to build Complex Websites and for web developers who want to impress their Potential Employer.

This comprehensive course will include installation and tour, content creation, user roles and permission, blocks, menus and URL alias, modules and themes. Through the course you will understand ins and outs of Drupal, build and manage your own Drupal site, create content on your Drupal site update and use Drupal modules and Drupal themes and much more.


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