Code Enigma is Awarded G-Cloud Framework Contract

Alliance & Partnership

Code Engima announced on their blog, that they have been awarded a G-Cloud 13 framework contract. G-Cloud 13 itself will go live on November 9, 2022.

A number of user-friendly enhancements included in the latest G-Cloud version include increased availability for small and medium-sized businesses, more straightforward access to market, the latest in cloud technology and innovation, as well as lower prices as a result of increased competition in Lot 4.

G-Cloud has been around since 2012 and has generated almost £10 billion in revenue during that time. As a result of its high-value contracts and compliant methods of closing deals, the method has become a popular public sector procurement strategy. 

In the blog they have stated that they will keep offering cloud hosting, development and related support services to the UK's central government departments and organisations as they have done for many years.


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