DrupalEasy is Looking for Mentors for their Drupal Career Online Program

Kenny Eliason - Unsplash

If you wish to help guide, assign tasks, and mentor students with community-related activities or just provide general career, project, or curriculum guidance, then DrupalEasy is looking for you. 

The Drupal Career Online (DCO) program is underway with students from across the United States and as a mentor you will get to spend up to 1 hour per week working with your mentee. You will communicate and work with the mentee via email and Slack. If you are both in a situation to meet in-person then you can also choose this option.

Anyone from a core contributor, a documentation guru, or someone still learning Drupal can apply for this mentorship. DrupalEasy is only looking for someone who has passion for Drupal and wishes to share the same.

According to DrupalEasy they will match up mentors with mentees based on common interests. They will make the initial email introduction, then allow each mentor and mentee to exchange contact information and set up a consistent communication schedule.

For Application and Source Details Visit:

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