Backdrop CMS Version 1.23.0 Released

home page of Backdrop CMS project

Backdrop CMS, that maintains a backward compatibility with Drupal 7, has released its version 1.23.0, yesterday. This is the 23rd on-time feature release of Backdrop CMS. The community behind Backdrop follows a 4 month release cycle, adding new features

The current release includes an API change to facilitate the inclusion of Entity Reference module in core. Other features include a new setting to allow the comment title to be hidden, new Date field widget to utilise HTML5 #date input type, and adding a “Taxonomy term: Depth” related to visibility condition for blocks and layouts.

There are also a few API enhancements including addition of form API properties to support custom validation and error messages for required fields. UI improvements include addition of vertical tabs to clean up the user account edit form.

You can download backdrop 1.23.0 from here:

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