Drush 11.2.0 Released

front-end development

Drush 11.2.0 was released on 23rd September 2022. Moshe Weitzman or weitzman a member of Drush on GitHub in a post wrote about the changes in Drush 11.2.0.

Drush is a command-line shell and scripting interface for Drupal that is designed to make life easier for those who spend their working hours hacking away at the command prompt.

The changes in Drush 11.2.0 include:

  • Fix db update status for post update hooks by Balint Csuthy or Pasqualle.
  • Skip the field-widget option if no widgets are available by Dieter Holvoet.
  • Add Drupal 10.x to issue template by gitressa.
  • Write http redirects for all aliases in commands & generators by Moshe Weitzman.
  • Add PHP version to core:status by gitressa.
  • Fix execution of deploy hooks inside a module with _deploy in the name. by Pieter Frenssen.
  • Set a default account to make sure the correct timezone is set by Dieter Holvoet.
  • Exclude non-placeholder variables by Dieter Holvoet.
  • Fix fatal error on Drupal 10 w/ symfony/console:6.2+ by Lee Rowlands.
  • Warning in PHP 8.1 when passing the bundle and no exclude options by Claudiu Cristea.
  • Cast to string when passing to MailFormatHelper::htmlToText() by Claudiu Cristea.
  • Ensure all $args to csvToArray() are strings by Claudiu Cristea.
  • Replace core:config with core:edit in examples by Dieter Holvoet.
  • Class "Consolidation\Log\ConsoleLogLevel" not found by Moshe Weitzman.
  • config:export --help includes warning about 'Undefined array key description' by Moshe Weitzman
  • Remove return types for now to error gracefully. by Moshe Weitzman.
  • D10 has no stable theme anymore by Moshe Weitzman.
  • sql:sync does not accept a directory as a target by Moshe Weitzman.
  • Docs: use valid severity in example usage by Hugo van Kemenade.
  • Update to Robo 4.0 stable, and fix ConsoleLogLevel::SUCCESS references. by Greg Anderson.
  • Update commands docs. by Moshe Weitzman.
  • Make config.storage.sync injection optional and log any issues by Dieter Holvoet.


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