NRW Website: Public Administration Focusses on Privacy & Accessibility

North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is a German state (Land) in Western Germany. It is the fourth-largest German state by size and the most densely populated one. To cater to the needs of the people, the Ministry of the Interior of State wanted a website, a digital one-stop to convey and relay all their doings and information relay. Public administration websites have special requirements for their content management system including privacy and accessibility.

Drupal Service Provider: publicplanGmbH, 1xINTERNET and Reinblau

Publicplan GmbH created a Drupal distribution called deGov. deGov offers the federal, state and local authorities of Germany services corresponding to their requirements based on open-source software.

On behalf of d-NRW AöR, Publicplan GmbH created a system tailored to the requirements of the state of NRW: nrwGOV. The foundation for this was deGov. The relaunch of the website for the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of the Interior was the first major project to be built using nrwGOV.

Why Drupal was chosen

The core of nrwGOV, the deGov distribution, is completely based on Drupal 9( previously 8). Being an Open Source Software, Drupal is freely available to all. Drupal also benefits from a large developer community that is constantly developing and improving the system. This quickly and reliably eliminates errors and security gaps. Individually desired functions can be easily integrated. The open-source approach offers maximum flexibility in implementation. This is not only of great importance for the different requirements of the public sector - it also opens up the design framework for new ideas.

Describe the project(goals, requirements and outcome)

The Drupal distribution deGov offers numerous functions in its basic installation, which is ideal for use in public administration. On behalf of the d-NRW AöR, Publicplan, together with its partners 1xINTERNET and Reinblau, integrated specific extensions into the content management system (CMS), thus creating the nrwGOV system, a distribution specifically adapted to the needs of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Features like responsive videos, time-controlled teaser references, and in-depth theme customization added to the site's citizen experience.

Drupal version
Drupal 9.x
Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen

The distribution chosen was deGov. It has an exhaustive set of content, media types, and extensions focussed on privacy,  which is best suited for government projects. Based on deGov, nrwGOV is the content management solution of choice for public institutions in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It features additional support to third-party solution providers local to the state, integration of the state IT provider's maps service, and the state's single sign-on service.