Aster Hospital Websites Unified Using Drupal 9

Aster Hospitals is a healthcare provider offering primary to quaternary care hospitals, pharmacies, digital health. They cater specially to the people in the Middle East and India.

Service Provider: Specbee

Why Drupal was chosen

Aster hospitals wanted a unified brand experience across their 8 different regional hospital websites and showcase a fresh brand identity. The design had to give them an edge over their competitors while being functional and intuitive. Site visitors had to be able to search for anything related to the hospital chain and fine-tune the results as needed.

Aster hospitals are spread across different countries and cities. They wanted data from the existing hospitals to be migrated and supported via one single platform.

Aster wanted a web application solution that could address all these pain points across all their regional websites too. Aster’s regional marketing team had to be empowered with the ability to create and update hospital pages as needed.

Drupal 9, the latest version of the CMS was used to build a customized theme. Specbee chose to build the solution on Drupal 9 as the features offered completely aligned with Aster’s business requirements.

Describe the project(goals, requirements and outcome)

Drupal Front-end experts leveraged the approved visual designs to build themes and components.
The requirement included improved search functionality for which they enabled faceted search features. Content authoring was streamlined for easy in-house publishing. Drupal’s flexibility enabled the service provider to customize and provide component-based page-building capabilities. This helps Aster’s marketing team to create and update region-specific hospital pages as needed

Drupal 9 modules such as Paragraphs, Layout builder, and Media were used by the developer to achieve the rich authoring capabilities required for component-based page building. The faceted search functionality is implemented with custom development using Apache Solr.

Drupal version
Drupal 9.x
Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen

Webform Module:This module helps in creating forms to collect data.

Claro Theme: This supports light and dark mode and conforms better to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Paragraph: The Paragraph module gives site builders an easy and intuitive content editing medium.

Layout Builder: Aster's regional marketing teams to create compelling visual layouts easily. Creating pages are quicker and easier with Layout builder.