Media Publishing Website on Drupal 9: Graywolf Press

Graywolf Press is a world-renowned independent publisher having quite a few award-winning books and authors under their belt. Awards include the Nobel Prize for Literature, the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, the National Book Critics Circle Award, and the National Book Award.

Previously Graywolf had a Drupal 7 website, that was dated, not mobile-friendly, and did not reflect the brand identity. They were not able to reach their target audience with their online content and could not build the desired community engagement because of that. The editorial workflow was also restricted.

Drupal Service Provider: Electric Citizen

Why Drupal was chosen

The Service Provider demonstrated a better editorial experience in Drupal, through Paragraphs and Panels to the client from previous use cases. The update and maintenance plans were made to keep the site running smoothly, post-launch,

For the critical data integrations, Drupal was the easy choice. Third-party databases can be easily integrated with Drupal and content can be migrated to the live site on an ongoing basis with ease.

Describe the project(goals, requirements and outcome)

The project focussed on
Improved user experience with book titles
Data Integration
Overall UX and UI improvements

Drupal version
Drupal 9.x
Why these modules/theme/distribution were chosen

Search API:The site had an extensive repository of Book titles, categorized by different genres and numerous fields such as ISDN, price, where to buy, author, book cover image, etc. Search API was used with views to build a Books landing page with exposed filters for genres (Fiction, Poetry, etc.) and "upcoming titles." For better site search results, the Search API was used to combine numerous types of reference and text fields into a single keyword filter.

Paragraphs: It allows editors with no technical know-how to build and maintain dynamic page layouts. Editors just need to fill out fields, arrange these components on the page, and publish.

Media and Entity Embed: Media module and a suite of related modules such as Focal Point, Crop API, and Entity Browser were used to create a powerful set of media management tools. These allow editors to use and re-use media elements throughout the site, and have advanced control over how images are cropped and displayed.