Full Stack Drupal PHP Engineer at Compuco


Organization : Compuco
Location : GB, London
Salary : £25,000.00-£35,000.00 per year |
Job type : Full-time
Experience : N/A


A big hello from the team at Compuco!

At Compuco we empower socially responsible organisations with the tools they need to build a better world.

We work with Charities across their digital stack helping them to rebuild their processes using flexible open source tools. We help organisations reimagine the way they work so they can focus on impact.

We’re on the lookout for an experienced Full Stack Drupal/PHP engineer to join our growing team. Your work will have a significant impact and the role will expose you to working on a range of open source projects for the not for profit sector including complex Drupal implementations, portals, e-commerce sites and community platforms. In this role you will report directly to one of our Product Owners and technically to our Drupal Tech Lead.

We’re an established and growing Drupal agency, working on many exciting and challenging projects. Whilst our solutions are based on Drupal (with a range of both Drupal 7 and 8/9 implementations) they also include a widely used not-for-profit focussed CRM module known as CiviCRM and a Drupal distribution called Open Social. The combination of these platforms adds an extra layer of complexity to our work and will give you exposure to technologies other than standard Drupal and a chance to further develop your skills.

As a distributed company with an HQ in London, but team members from all around the world, one of the things that makes working at Compuco special is the chance to meet, mix and learn from people from an amazing array of nationalities and cultures. We’re extremely proud of the way we work and the open culture we’ve developed.

If that sounds like the right fit for you we’d love to hear from you.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work on a broad range of Drupal sites, from smaller self contained projects to large-scale enterprise-level multitier deployments.
  • Ensure technical expectations, and requirements of deliverables are met
  • Working on Drupal 7, 8 and 9 implementations, including some with complex CRM integrations
  • Unit testing / Code reviews
  • Estimate time and level of effort for development tasks
  • Collaborate and support cross-functional delivery teams that include fellow developers, QAs, designers and project managers
  • Drive the backend/frontend and module development implementing new features and functionalities

Required Experience

  • Expert in both Drupal 7 and 8/9, with a minimum of 3 years of experience with each
  • Excellent experience with PHP and PHP files, writing modern PHP code the right way (https://phptherightway.com/)
  • Good database / SQL (MySQL) skills, including performance optimisation and normalisation
  • Good knowledge of front-end technologies such as JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, CSS and HTML 5
  • Good knowledge of theme functions and the Drupal theme layer
  • Knowledge of development for accessibility and inclusivity
  • Strong Git experience (you know your submodules from your subtrees!) and knowledge of working with Drupal in a team environment (i.e. using features, configuration management etc).
  • Advance experience with Drupal modules such as CTools, Views, Panels and custom modules
  • Good knowledge of Web-services based on SOAP / REST
  • Experience with Docker and Composer

Desirable Skills

  • Experience with Acquia, PlatformSH or other PaaS service
  • Experience writing PHP unit tests for Drupal
  • Object oriented PHP skills
  • Experience in developing high performing software
  • A solid understanding of software architecture concepts and how to apply them in a Drupal environment
  • Experience with CiviCRM or working with CRMs in general
  • Strong understanding of continuous integration and test automation in multiple environments and multiple project streams
  • Can convert comprehensive layout and wireframes into working HTML pages

What we Value in this Role

  • You have formed opinions over what makes good software development practices and can communicate them clearly, but are open to the thoughts and views of others
  • You look to learn at every opportunity
  • You search for and propose improvements at all levels as part of your work
  • You are as excited about architectural technical discussions as fixing small bugs
  • You champion agile best practices and Continuous Delivery
  • Demonstrable experience of having contributed to the Drupal community
  • You want to be involved in both the technical aspects of the role but also consider business strategy, customer insight, technology platforms.

How to apply

Apply through this link.


Compuco formally known ad Compucorp was founded in 1977 and has a heritage spanning over 40 years. They exist to empower socially responsible organisations with the digital tools they need to build a better world. As Drupal Association members and CiviCRM Gold partners and founding contributors, they seek to drive the platforms forward by both developing functionality themselves and sponsoring new functionality to be developed by other members of the community. Whilst their solutions are based on Drupal they also include a widely used not-for-profit focussed CRM module known as CiviCRM and a ...