Front-end Developer at SiteCrafting

Job Location

Tacoma, WA, United States

How to apply

Apply with your Resume and Cover letter through this link.

Skill level

We are a full-service digital agency searching for an experienced individual to join our team as a Web Developer. In this role, you will be responsible for architecting, developing, and maintaining modern Drupal applications.​ This position will work in a collaborative manner with other members of our team, as well as maintain positive client relationships. Our ideal candidate is someone that has recent experience building sites using Drupal 9, a good understanding of PHP website and application development​, can troubleshoot issues effectively, and is comfortable navigating git workflows and Jira. This is a full-time position and will report directly to our Vice President of Technology. 

As a member of the development team, you’ll be responsible for things like developing custom business management tools, integrating multiple disparate systems, building APIs, improving site performance through code, and helping our clients achieve their business goals. Not only will you be writing PHP for various web applications, you’ll also be integral in working with team members to architect, build, and implement the components necessary to accomplish the needs of the project. Working with our other teams to deliver amazing projects that directly impact the lives of others is key to this role, and you’ll be a big part of our continued growth and our clients’ success.

Ideally, you’ve had a fair amount of experience developing in PHP already, have built some powerful things in Drupal, can solve a problem multiple ways and speak knowledgeably about pluses and minuses of each solution, understand that reinventing the wheel isn’t a sustainable strategy for projects, take your documentation seriously, and have a history of delivering quality sites. You’re at ease writing well-structured and clean code, understand how to get the most out of your local development environment, are comfortable working in version control, and can deliver quality code reviews to coworkers. You’ll provide thoughtful estimates, determine what is possible to accomplish within a given budget, have an understanding of how timelines are impacted by complexity of features, but can still manage your timelines to deliver quality work. After reviewing scope and acceptance criteria for the project, you can provide a realistic picture of what’s possible and where we may need to make adjustments. You can troubleshoot issues effectively and can identify opportunities for improvement. 

What We're Looking For

  • Recent experience building complex applications using Drupal 9
  • A thorough knowledge of PHP 
  • A clear understanding of MVC fundamentals and experience with MVC frameworks
  • Ability to proficiently use Git and understand different workflows for version control
  • Experience with architecting web applications in a manner that supports long-term use and continued growth
  • Knowledge of how to approach refactoring or upgrading a project, and how to plan for a successful delivery
  • A working knowledge of application security and how to protect code from being exploited
  • Great communication skills, regardless of the medium
  • Enough knowledge to be able to work without needing to lean on other developers regularly, but also know when to reach out to others for assistance
  • A strong desire to improve yourself and continue learning
  • Someone that actively supports their teammates and likes to work collaboratively
Pay Scale
$65k - $72k DOE