New Module Releases of the Week: April 14, 2022


New Module Releases

As per TheWeeklyDrop Issue 531 of April 14th, 2022, the latest Drupal module releases include:

What is meant by alpha, beta, and release candidates(rc)?

For every new major version of Drupal core (Dx.o), there will be a few alpha, beta and release candidate releases that ensure the stable release of that major version. These releases will not be stable enough for production use but help set the tone for the final stable release. The early release versions give the developers a chance to test these codes and give relevant feedback before the final one. recommends that these releases be downloaded by only those developers who are quite adept with Drupal or those wishing to help find bugs in the software. While these guidelines are meant for Drupal core, there are contributed modules that might follow a variation of these and their meanings differ slightly across projects so the release notes need to be read carefully.

Version Alpha Release

The first releases of the version come under alpha and there the least stable. While the errors or bugs are mostly fixable, there might be possible security issues.

Version Beta Release

The Beta release version is only created once generally. In this release:

  • All critical data loss and security bugs are resolved
  • APIs are ‘freezed’ so that the contributed module and theme authors will be able to upgrade their projects.

Issues with the upgrade path are fixed usually with this version and a copy of the database can be successfully upgraded to the new version. 

Usability features are still considered during this period, the translatable strings (help texts, words in the interface, etc.) might be altered, and if needed, the API or database schema can be changed to fix a critical issue.

Release candidates

Release candidates are versions where there are no more critical issues and the ones in the Beta version are already fixed. These are quite stable code, something the Drupal development community is considering as a release candidate to be released as the official .0 version. No more usability changes are made, and the translatable strings are usually unchanged at this point.

Once a feature is freezed, no new features will be added to that version of Drupal. That version of Drupal's feature set is locked from further changes in that release.
So for a quick recap, rc is a more stable release compared to a beta release and beta release has better stability compared to an alpha release. So alpha is the least stable among the three and rc has better stability compared to the other two.

Source: TheWeeklyDrop

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