Intro to Drupal: Level 1 Workshop with Evolving Web

7 Jun 2023, 11:30 pm
7 Hrs. with a 1 hour lunch break at 12:00.

Learn to harness the flexibility of Drupal. Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to customize the look and feel of your website. Plus, discover exciting new D10 features including the StarterKit theme.

You will learn:

  • Get Familiar With Drupal
  • How to Customize Your Drupal site
  • Extra Tips and Tricks

What you’ll take away?

  • Experience creating your first Drupal website
  • The skills to confidently customize the look and feel of your Drupal site
  • Actionable tips and best practices to optimize your content and processes
  • A fundamental understanding of Drupal that’ll help you get the most from your website and collaborate better with designers and developers

Who should attend?

  • People who are new to Drupal or need a refresher.
  • Content editors and content managers who’d like to do more and collaborate better.
  • Site builders who want to expand and update their knowledge of Drupal.


  • A laptop with Drupal installed locally or in Gitpod (we can provide instructions.)
  • No previous Drupal experience is needed (although it won’t hurt!)
  • Knowledge of CSS/Twig will help you in the afternoon portion, but it’s not required.