Drupal Swag Shop Celebrate Pride Month, Profits go to OutRight Int.

Drupal Swag Shop, an online store for exclusive Drupal branded merchandise, is celebrating Pride Month, holding up the inclusive values of the Drupal Community and the LGBTQ+ Community.

A specially designed pride-themed inventory is available as part of the celebration. All the pride month collection profits will go to Outright Action International, a Human Rights Watch group for the LGBTIQ People everywhere. Outright is a 501(C)(3) not for profit organisation headquartered in New York. The Non-profit organisation’s website can be accessed from https://outrightinternational.org/. 

Drupal Swag Shop is an initiative to offer sustainably sourced Drupal branded merchandise that promotes Drupal and generates revenue for the Drupal Association. 10% of the profits, excluding the shipping cost, is expected to go to Drupal Association. 

The pride month special merchandise is co-themed with the rainbow-coloured logo of Outright Int. and Drupal icon. The inventory includes t-shirts for adults, children and toddlers, aprons, hoodies, tote bags, water bottles, buttons, travel mug, mousepad, mug, face mask, pyjama set, magnets, etc. Inventory with only Drupal branding is also available on the site. 

The website is currently in the Beta phase to test the concept. The European version of the site is accessible at https://drupal.myspreadshop.net/ whereas the UK version is at https://drupal.myspreadshop.co.uk, and the US version is at  https://drupal.myspreadshop.com/ They have partnered with Spreadshirt who provide the end to end operation management of the Swag Shop.

The community project was created on 23 June 2020 by Zoocha Will with Vonreyes, RCheesley, alexmoreno, rachel_norfolk and surabhi-gokte as maintainers. The project is seeking active co-maintainers to mainstream the project. 

“We will be promoting the Swag Shop over the coming months so we can trial the response and demand. If successful, the key next step will be to create new designs, which is something we want the community to get involved with. You can submit your ideas as issues on the Drupal Swag Shop Working Group project on Drupal.org,”

claims the maintainers. 

Ironically, the project page in Drupal dot org apologises for the site not being built using Drupal. They have an interesting reason to suffice:

“This is because we want to keep all investment, risk and overhead as low as we can while we test the concept. Using the Spreadshirt platform enables us to this while still controlling things like pricing and share of revenue to Drupal Association.” 

The project page promotes https://shop.spreadshirt.net/drupal/ as the home page of the Swag Shop. The site was initially launched using the Spreadshirt platform and might have recently moved to Drupal. When checked with ‘built with’, it showed that the site is well, using Drupal CMS. 

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