DrupalCon Prague is Looking for Volunteers to Mentor

Women in Tech

For those interested in mentoring, DrupalCon Prague is looking for mentors to help guide new contributors during the mentored Core Contribution in the "Contribution Lounge" space. You will mentor 3 to 6 people sitting at your table for which you will receive contribution credit on Drupal.org, which will help you promote your skills and dedication to have a more inclusive web.

You do not have to be a coder to be a mentor as ther will be non-code contribution opportunities for first-time contributors. This basically includes contributing to Project Browser, documentation, UX/UI and accessibility testing, design, and many more.

If you decide to mentor then you will assist participants in a First-Time Contributor Workshops on 20th September 2022 or 23rd September 2022. You can mentor for half a day or the whole day during the Mentored Core Contribution Day which is on the 23rd September. You will have to review participants' work on the day of the contribution and help attendees choose the right contribution room, greet people and take photos.

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